I want you to live an active, comfortable, and joyful life filled with energy and vitality.

Perhaps your spine or body has suddenly become distorted and even painful for no apparent reason, or you’ve had a recent trauma, have bad posture habits, or you’ve been doing some improper or repetitive physical movements. Maybe your condition is presently restricting your lifestyle, so you’re not able to enjoy life as fully as you would like. Your body may have been gradually breaking down over the years from too much wear and tear, hard work, and recent or past participation in recreational sports. Old injuries, strain and repetition combined with poor posture habits may have caused your body to slowly lose its normal natural function, efficiency, and mobility. Over time this change may have caused you to feel less comfortable and become less mobile and active.

Humans have evolved to move efficiently and be physically active for life. Please don’t use your age as an excuse not to take care of yourself. Regular movement is very important for our physical and mental well-being. Our modern lifestyle is a major cause of many of our problems. For example, observe someone hunched over their smart phone. Bending your neck like this for hours every day is not good for your spine long-term. This is just one example of the multiple modern lifestyle postures habits, bad movements, and imbalances we subject our bodies to on a daily basis. Over time, these repetitive movements cause modern lifestyle injuries.

Your health is your responsibility, so I suggest that you take action today so you’ll feel better in the future and help slow down or prevent this gradual loss of mobility and function. Less capacity to move about normally means that you will start to lose your independence as you age. Health, strength, and vitality should be your priority because without them life is unpleasant.

Maybe you may feel pretty good at the moment, but are you really moving and functioning optimally? How will you feel in a few more weeks, months, or years? I want you to live an active, comfortable, and joyful life filled with energy and vitality. This is the reason I enjoy my work. I love to watch my patients get the spring back in their step.

Results will vary from patient to patient because each person is unique and has a different health history, chief complaint, and physical condition. My goal is to help patients feel better or make suggestions about where they may seek the help they need.

I offer hands-on treatment for your acute, recurrent or chronic condition. During your first scheduled appointment, I will do a private consultation including a review of your medical and treatment history before completing orthopedic, postural, and functional examinations. I will make recommendations according to your individual needs and goals. Also, I take care of one patient at a time in a private room, giving my full attention to you during your scheduled appointment time.

I use a combination of manual, gentle, safe, hands-on chiropractic care and soft-tissue work. For some patients, I may use an adjusting instrument. I do my best to help you increase your comfort level and enhance your posture, and mobility by helping you improve your natural movement, strength and stability. I strive to help you enhance your body’s joints, muscles, and nervous system function. I try to help you feel better in the short and long-term.

I provide my patients with lifestyle advice, posture tips and other therapeutic suggestions such as at-home exercises. In addition, I offer my patients dietary and food choice counseling when appropriate. If you need my advice and guidance, I’m there for you within my scope of practice and the realm of experience and knowledge that I’ve accumulated in over 30 years of chiropractic care.

I pledge to treat my patients as unique individuals and with respect. I will do my best to help you improve your quality of life. I can also help you navigate the often confusing and conflicting health care information about what’s good for you and what isn’t. I believe in respecting my patients health care choices. You may only want to consult me occasionally and that’s OK as long as I know what your health goals are. Maybe you would prefer or require more regular care if your lifestyle and health condition warrant it. Either way, the choice is always yours, and it will be my pleasure to be entrusted with your chiropractic care.

In return, I ask that my patients communicate clearly with me and keep me updated on their health care needs and goals. Good communication is essential for a successful doctor-patient relationship. Please inform me of any recent recent traumas or sudden changes in your health including any recent or past tests. In addition, please provide me with a list and the amounts of any prescription, over-the-counter medications, and nutritional supplements you are currently taking, so that I can document this important information in your health file.

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